martes, 1 de septiembre de 2009

Love...(about your magic keeping my hands and soul alive c.c)

a meaningful word
inside of the limits of soul.

touch and desire,
feelings of burnings hearts
crashing into the night.

Sounds and misteries
loosing our minds after
the silent dawn.

Shattered eyes
becoming a moon shine
flourishing into our times.

Smooth twilight fragance
envolving the quiet dance,
of blended shadows
touching the stars.
Eternal music of heaven
becoming a prairie of voices,
voices evolving
like echoes...
echoes so much alike
to loudest Thunders,
becoming light...
light surrounded
memories walking our paths;
and all now make sense
in life for the first time,
Love is a heartbeat
that let you know:
!You are fully alive...!

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