jueves, 21 de marzo de 2013


life isn't sometimes
what you expected,
turn everything 
before the dawn comes,
life is a dream
whom never belongs to no one,
a whisper in the mouth
of destiny,
life is an illusion
of faith and courage,
a field of gold
so many times forgotten,
life is a new born child 
innocent of guilt's or sins,
a  kid smile
fighting the anger in the world...
life is a spot in our hands
whom belongs to someone else,
a wet thing in our lips
bringing us a memento...
life is a tear
becoming alive from pain,
a sorrow behind our
days becoming a path...
but some times
in my darkest hour 
life becomes love...
and when i think in love
and i feel the world
pushing all over my shoulders...
i think in your name...
and then life becomes...
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